TS 971 Controller – Logic

Automatic control panel for ELEKTROMATEN® with mechanical or digital limits

Technical data
Up to 3.0 kW motor power
Supply voltage: 1ø~240V,  3ø~414V or PE / 3ø~415V, PE
Control voltage 24V DC

Dimensions W x H x D: 155 x 380 x 80 mm
IP65 jet proof when hard wired.  We recommend the use of an additional cover if the controller is to be subject to constant spraying
Live electrical parts covered

Integrated OPEN-STOP-CLOSE push-button
Programming via selector switch with 7-segment display
Plug-in connections for ELEKTROMATEN
Plug-in connection for spiral cable
Emergency stop-button (optional)
Key-switch (optional)
Two relay contacts (independently programmable)
Integrated radio receiver (433 MHz)
Integrated radio transmission system, Wireless safety device (WSD)
Two UBS inputs
DES and NES processing (compatible with TS 961 and TS 970)
Plugin power supply
Connecting cable installed from above or below
Keypad illumination
Rotation direction change via keypad
Enhanced functions for both relays
Display of last 6 status messages
Various command devices for partial opening
All other TS 970 functions and the menu structure are unchanged

Selectable operating modes:
• Hold to run CLOSE / OPEN
• Hold to run CLOSE / self-hold OPEN
• Self-hold CLOSE / OPEN
Status and information display
Automatic safety-edge detection and evaluation
Automatic closing adjustable from 1 to 240 seconds
Terminals for one pull-switch or remote control
Intermediate stop position
DOL or variable speed drive recognition:
• Automatically recognises DOL or variable speed drive ELEKTROMATEN
• Output speed adjustment by selector switch
• Soft start and soft stop with automatic adjustment of acceleration and deceleration
• Individual adjustment of acceleration and deceleration
Operations cycle counter (non re-settable)
Maintenance indicator:
• Adjustment range: 1,000 to 99,000 cycles

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