TS 959 Controller – Push Button

Hold to run control panel for ELEKTROMATEN® with mechanical or digital limits

Technical data
Up to 3.0 kW motor power
Supply voltage: 1ø~240V,  3ø~414V or PE / 3ø~415V
Control voltage 24V DC

Dimensions W x H x D: 155 x 380 x 80 mm
IP65 jet proof when hard wired.  We recommend the use of an additional cover if the controller is to be subject to constant spraying
Live electrical parts covered

Integrated OPEN-STOP-CLOSE push-button
Programming via selector switch with 7-segment display
Plug-in connections for ELEKTROMATEN
Plug-in connection for spiral cable
Emergency stop-button (optional)
Key-switch (optional)

Selectable operating modes:
• Hold to run CLOSE / OPEN
• Hold to run CLOSE / self-hold OPEN
• Hold to run FULLY CLOSE FUNCTION / self-hold OPEN
Press the CLOSE button until the door is completely CLOSED
If the CLOSE button is released early, the door will reverse automatically to the OPEN position
Slack-rope / pass-door switch contact is available
Status and information display
Operations cycle counter (non re-settable)
Maintenance indicator:
• Adjustment range: 1,000 to 99,000 cycles

Price: $0.00