Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the warranty?

24 months or 500 operation hours for chain drive operators on balanced doors and controllers.All other products 6 months.

Will the operators fit on industry standard mounting plates?

Yes. Additional hardware may be necessary.

Why do GfA operators have lower power consumption compared to other operators on the market?

GfA manufactures high quality gearboxes reducing friction and therefore requiring less power. Less friction increases the gearbox life.

How long will it take to despatch my order?

Large stocks are held at our Sydney warehouse. Please allow two days for dispatch. Special arrangements can be made for urgent deliveries.

How do you change handing of the operator?

Simply remove the bolt from the end of the shaft, reverse the shaft direction in the gearbox and tighten the shaft bolt.

Where do I position the power supply isolator?

At ground level near the control panel.

When should I use a variable speed operator?

For high cycle applications or when quiet operation is required. Shutter noise is reduced by soft start and stop. Electrical noise is reduced for single phase supply as the inverter converts single phase to three phase for the motor.